Synthetic Fuels: Synthetic Natural Gas, Synthetic diesel and benzin can be produce with our solution.

Electricity storage: The GreenSynFuel is a storage and back-up solution that eliminates the system oversizing. The integrated solution (RES with SNG production) manages the mismatch between offer and demand all over the year and improves energy supply reliability. Global investment will be lower with a higher guarantee in what concerns the energy supply.

Grid management EU market size for PtG solutions it is estimated to value 30GW. Islands with unique problems of grid management and specific requirements of strategic fuel reserves are a relevant early adaptor market for SNG.

Rural Electrification 1.400 million people lack access to electricity. GSYF has the solution.

Main competitors

Batteries or ICE generators are the current solutions for back-up of the renewable source. The SNG solution has competitive advantages regarding either batteries or ICE. The main technical difference comes from the seasonal balance all over the year. It can be done with SNG, so there is no need to oversize the renewable source. The investment cost will be lower with a WtW will be near 50.