Storage of non dispatchable renewable
electric sources is the problem to be solved.

The electrical grid is not prepared to accommodate large contributions of non dispatchable renewable energies. The nuisance caused by them regarding grid stabilization is well known. Future electrical supply network will integrate adequate storage capabilities to assure grid stabilization, or LCP targets will be threatened and most probably not reached.

Our storage solution for the non dispatchable electricity is to produce GreenSynFuel. The technology exploits an innovative and patented path to produce Synthetic Gas (SynGas) from electricity and carbon, followed by CO2 methanation to get GreenSynFuel (syn-diesel, methanol, DME or Natural Gas).

GreenSynFuel as energy carrier, if the cost of hydrogen production can be lowered, offers the advantages to be easily stored, transported and back-converted into energy using the already existing natural gas distribution infrastructure and well stablished technology.

We have solutions of 1KW and 5KW ready to deliver and 100KW and 1MW modules under development by GSYF.

The established competitors are solutions from the batteries industry. Electrolysers manufacturers are a new emerging competitor, proposing PtG solutions for grid management. Besides that, new storage technologies are emerging, which shall continue to deserve our attention.

SNG is a competitive alternative to:
Reversible hydro power- much lower investment costs, no environment impacts, no location restrictions;
To Hydrogen PtG solutions- lower investment wiyhout logistics issues regarding Hydrogen storage;
To batteries for back-up solutions of off-grid RES solutions: more reliable and economic